Where to find Reactive Extensions 2.2.5

The latest and greatest Reactive Extensions v3 has been released.
With it came a name change to the NuGet packages:
  • Rx-Main is now System.Reactive
  • Rx-Core is now System.Reactive.Core
  • Rx-Interfaces is now System.Reactive.Interfaces
  • Rx-Linq is now System.Reactive.Linq
  • Rx-PlatformServices is now System.Reactive.PlatformServices
  • Rx-Testing is now Microsoft.Reactive.Testing
And the old packages have been unlisted.

If you have a need to install the older packages, as I have, then all you need to do is specify the version command line parameter when using Install-Package, which seems to be your only option.

Install-Package Rx-Main -Version 2.2.5


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