40 Year old Port

I’ve been saving this now for just under 10 years for a very special occasion.  When my Dad decided to come and visit midway through Chemo I knew it was now or never.  I was nervous as hell, the bottle has not been stored in the best of places over years for various reasons, mostly ignorance.  As I tried to get the cork out I realised that it has basically started to disintegrate and it was just a soggy ball of cork, so care had to be taken.  But we got most of the cork out without much of a fuss.  Then we poured the Port into, wait for it…   Champagne glasses!  Yea I know could have done better than that.  In fact the next day my Dad went out and bought us a whole set of lovely port glasses.  But lets get back to the Port.  By now I was really anxious, I did not know if the Port was going to be any good after all these years.  Then came the first sip….

And the second….

Ooooo My……

It was heaven in a glass.

Here is a picture of the bottle and a champagne glass:


Borges Vintage Port 1970


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