October Blog Post

So it’s been just over a month since my last post.  I’ve been a busy boy, a couple of concurrent projects, studies and preparing for my new role has all kept me pretty busy.

So what is this new role I’m on about?  Well I have accepted a role as Development Manager at Grosvenor Financial Services, and I start my new role on the 3rd of November.  I gave my current employer 6 weeks notice, enough time for my projects to finish the major dev cycle and be ready for the client test environment.  My last couple of weeks have been taken up mostly in trying to transfer some of the project knowledge to Gabes, who is taking over all my project.  After hours has been spend trying to get my last few assignments done.

So November is the start of a new work for me as well as the last paper (over summer school) before my thesis project.  Hopefully by June next year I will be done with the studies and start to enjoy my free time some more. ;)

Looking forward to see what comes out of PDC this year.  Seems like a lot of companies are leaving major announcements for the conference.  And of course we will finally have access to Windows 7 and Visual Studio 2010.  Not sure why Microsoft has not named the next version of Windows 2010 as well.   Typical though for them to cause more confusion around their product offerings.  But hey I still love their stuff.


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