StyleCop 4.3

A new version of StyleCop has been released, and they are about to release their SDK documentation.

The new rules shipping with StyleCop 4.3 include:

· Enforce sort order for using directives. This aligns with the Organize Usings functionality in VS 2008

· Require standard summary text for constructors and destructors

· Require parenthesis in arithmetic and comparison expressions for added clarity

· Require String.Empty rather than “”

· Require explanation message text in debug asserts

· Require justification text in Code Analysis suppressions

· Enforce use of built-in type aliases for int, string, float, etc.

· Require a blank line between elements

· Disallow blank lines at the top or bottom of documentation headers

· Disallow regions within method bodies (enabled by default)

· Disallow the use of regions anywhere within the code (disabled by default)

· Disallow empty static constructors

· Disallow empty unsafe, lock, checked, and unchecked statements

· Disallow unnecessary or empty try\catch\finally

The 4.3 release is available here:


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