Performance Counters are Easy

Yes they are!

I had a requirement on a project that the final product needed to support a certain number of users and transactions per hour or something like that.  But when asked nobody knew how they were going to measure this or even test.  So I thought, hey performance counter must be the solution for this.  Then I worried that it was going to be a nightmare to implement.  Man was I wrong.  I was looking at the SvnBridge code and found how they implemented performance counters and at first I thought, no way, it cannot be that easy.  Then I decided to give it a go and within an hour I hade instrumented my code and were monitoring my performance counters.

I have decided to implement the AverageTimer32 performance counter data as well and have found this fantastic post on CodeProject that explains things much better than I ever can.

So the moral of the story is: don’t panic when you need to use Performance Counters, they are absolutely the easiest thing to implement.


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