Sync Calendars

I have a PC at home running on Windows XP and with Outlook 2007, at work I run Windows 2003 and Outlook 2007, I also have an i-mate spjas running windows mobile 5.  For some reason my work Outlook does not want to start in anything but safe mode and my ActiveSync does not want to work well at work, but works fine at home, this means that my phone calendar only has my home outlook calendar data on it.  This is a major problem as most of my appointments are for work and I manage them from my work Outlook. 

So I was sitting tonight and decided to Google for “Outlook calendar sync”  and one of the links I found was this one:, which showed me the Google Calendar Sync tool and I thought well if I can sync from my home PC to Google Calendar and then from Google Calendar to my work PC and vice versa, then all is good in the world. 

Problem…  Google Calendar Sync only installs on Windows XP and Vista

Work around… Take the files from \Program Files\Google\Google Calendar Sync and copy to Windows 2003 PC.  Then add the GoogleCalendarSync.dll to Outlook as an add-in and run GoogleCalendarSync.exe.  All done Google Calendar Sync runs fine on Windows 2003.

Now if only I can sync my contacts just as easily…  I hope Google is reading my blog. Wink


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