More about Intergen

So I’ve blogged in the past about the jobs we currently have open here at Intergen, but I have not talked about any of the additional perks Intergen offers.  So here is a list of those additional perks for those interested in a move to a new and exciting job.

  • $400 + GST towards the purchasing of a new mobile phone and a discounted phone plan of which Intergen will pay up to $110 per month towards
  • Free monthly massages
  • Drinks and nibbles every Friday afternoon
  • Free Life Insurance cover of 3 times annual salary
  • Free Income protection Insurance for 75% of salary for up to 5 years
  • Free Travel insurance (for you and your family)
  • Additional Maternity Package to Government Assistance (after one year of employment)
  • Banking benefits from ASB Bank
  • Employee Assistance Programme
  • Option to join a discounted Health Insurance Scheme
  • Technology purchases at dealer rates - computers, TVs, stereos, electronics...
  • Option to join the Superannuation Scheme with admin fees paid by Intergen
  • Free soft drinks including Coke, V, Just Juice...

We also have a chill-out area with an XBox 360 and a classic arcade game.  I had a couch behind my desk for a while, but since I’ve moved desks I have not seen the couch, it is probably downstairs so that Beaker can get his afternoon naps.

If your interested in a Job at Intergen go and have a look at our Careers section.


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