Runtime Page Optimizer Beta1 released

Wow the guys at ActionThis has been hard at work on the RPO and have released the first beta.


RPO does its magic with no additional coding to your site, all you need to do it place the RPO assemblies in the Bin folder, add a few lines to your web.config and RPO helps speed up your website by collating all the same server calls into one. 

Runtime Page Optimizer features:

  • Combines all javascript and css on the fly
  • Generates CSS sprites on the fly
  • No code modifications required!
  • Runs on ASP.NET and IIS 6/7
  • Compatible with IE6/7 , Firefox 2/3, Safari 3

I saw a demo where they took a popular New Zealand website and optimized it with RPO within 5 minutes, and YSlow showed a performance improvement from a F rating to a C.

Pretty amazing stuff.  Go and get your Beta1 copy at or


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