I finally got my invite to use Mesh.


But for some reason it does not want to work from my PC (Windows XP).

IE8 is not very helpful:


And this is what I get on FireFox:


The funny thing is I can get to mesh quite easily from my wife's laptop (Vista), and a Windows XP VM.

mmmm funny that.

The other unfortunate thing about Mesh is that it only runs on XP and Vista.

My PC at work runs Windows 2003 and I'll probably move to Windows 2008 shortly to take advantage of things like Hyper-V, but then I can't use Mesh for that machine which is a bit of a bummer.

[UPDATE]  I can now connect using FireFox, but IE8 is still telling me to stuff-off :(

At least Mesh is now working and I can start using it, although I read in the forums that Remote Desktop does not work in FireFox, will try and connect with RD using the mesh trayicon.


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