Get Refactor! and forget about R#

Yea, i’ll come out and say it, R# sucks, and don’t get me wrong, I loved R# 3.x but it crashes regularly, it only recently supported .NET 3.0, did I mention it crashes, a lot!

Refactor! Pro on the other hand has been working in VS.NET 2008 since Beta 1 and they released a full version a week after the release of VS.NET 2008.  Refactor! Pro is also only US$99 and the renewal price is only $39.99.

Even better value is to get CodeRush and Refactor! Pro together for only $249.99 and with a renewal of only US$99.99.

There are also regular updates to these tools, what more can you ask for, o yea, they don’t crash!  Yea, I know pretty amazing.


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