I haven’t touched a PC in more than 4 days, mostly because I was in Hamilton visiting a new client, but I have also had a bit of a run in with Cellulitus.

I woke up on Tuesday with a sore big toe, and I though I just sprained it in my sleep, so thought nothing of it.  By Wednesday the pain was getting worse and my whole foot was starting to swell up.  When I got to Auckland on Wednesday night it was clear that I won’t be able to sleep with the pain so I decided to visit the hospital.  I ended up being x-rayd, blood tested and pumped full of antibiotics and only got back to my hotel at around 5am.  Ended up flying back to Wellington at 11:30 and when I got home, took some more pain killers and antibiotics and had a bit of a rest.

Just checked my emails and had dinner, so I thought I’d just post about my fun week so far.

Ok then, off to bed for me.


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